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Add preexisting Windows 10 to Grub2 bootloader on CentOS 8

So… I installed a CentOS 8 copy beside a preexisting Windows 10, just to realize on first boot that the install process didn’t recognized the Windows partition, nor added the corresponding entry to Grub menu. Damn!

I panicked a little, at first. Then I found this post which helped relieve the anxiety (thank you Technopia!)

But then I found that the problem, in the first place, was that CentOS base doesn’t come with ntfs-3g package, and that was the reason why the Grub2 installation didn’t recognize the Windows partition.

So, to add the Windows entry to Grub2 menu, you just need to:

1. Add EPEL repository to yum:

# dnf install
# yum update

Credits to:

2. Install ntfs-3g:

# yum install ntfs-3g

3. Finally, renegarate Grub2 config file:

# grub2-mkconfig --output=/boot/grub2/grub.cfg

Thanks all! Good luck!

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