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Simple Conky 1.10 config (conkyrc) with Transparency

I found a few problems trying to use an old .conkyrc on Debian 10 (besides the syntax thing):

  1. First, when I added transparency, the rendering process broke, and started drawing every refresh on top of the previous one, so completely ruining the view
  2. Second, there was a flash or flicker on every refresh

So here’s my two cents. A simple, working config, with transparency and no flicker. I used the following fonts, which you can find free on the web:

  • Gotham Black
  • Gotham Bold
  • Gotham Light
  • Gotham Medium
  • Gotham Ultra
  • Gill Sans Std Bold
conky.config = {
alignment = 'top_right',
background = false,
border_width = 1,
cpu_avg_samples = 2,
default_color = 'white',
default_outline_color = 'white',
default_shade_color = 'black',
draw_borders = false,
draw_graph_borders = true,
draw_outline = false,
draw_shades = false,
use_xft = true,
xftalpha = 0.8,
font = 'DejaVu Sans Mono:size=12',
gap_x = 15,
gap_y = 20,
minimum_height = 5,
minimum_width = 230,
net_avg_samples = 2,
no_buffers = true,
double_buffer = true,
out_to_console = false,
out_to_stderr = false,
extra_newline = false,
own_window = true,
own_window_class = 'Conky',
own_window_type = 'desktop',
own_window_argb_visual = true,
own_window_argb_value = 0,
stippled_borders = 0,
update_interval = 3.0,
uppercase = false,
use_spacer = 'none',
show_graph_scale = false,
show_graph_range = false

conky.text = [[
${voffset 30}${color lightgrey}${font Gotham Medium:size=13}${alignr 90}${time %A}$color
${voffset 1}${font Gotham Black:size=19}${alignr 90}${time %B}
${font Gotham Bold:size=45}${voffset -50}$alignr${time %d}$font
${color lightgrey}${voffset 3}${font Gotham Light:size=21}${alignr 2}${time %Y}$font$color
${color darkgray}$stippled_hr${color}
${voffset 5}${font Gotham Ultra:size=30}$alignc${time %I}:${time %M} ${time %p}$font
${color darkgray}$stippled_hr${color}
${voffset 5}${color}${font Gotham Black:size=15}$sysname $kernel${font Arial:size=8}
${color lightgrey}Uptime $color$uptime${color lightgrey} / Load $color$loadavg
${voffset 5}${color lightgrey}CPU ${color}${hwmon 0 temp 1}°C${alignr}${color lightgrey}MB $color${hwmon 0 temp 2}°C
${voffset -3}${color darkgrey}${cpugraph cpu1 40,112 99cc66 66cc00}${alignr}${color darkgrey}${cpugraph cpu2 40,112 99cc66 66cc00}
${voffset -3}${color darkgrey}${cpugraph cpu3 40,112 99cc66 66cc00}${alignr}${color darkgrey}${cpugraph cpu4 40,112 99cc66 66cc00}
${voffset -5}${color lightgrey}${alignr}Fan $color${hwmon 0 fan 1} RPM
${voffset 5}${color lightgray}RAM$color $mem $memperc% ${membar}
${color lightgray}Swap$color $swap $swapperc% ${swapbar}
${voffset 5}${color lightgrey}Root $color${fs_free /} (${fs_free_perc /}%) ${fs_bar /}
${color lightgrey}Home $color${fs_free /home} (${fs_free_perc /home}%) ${fs_bar /home}
${voffset 5}${color darkgrey}$stippled_hr
${voffset 5}${color lightgrey}Down $color${downspeed enp3s5}${alignr}${color lightgrey}Up $color${upspeed enp3s5}
${voffset -3}${color darkgrey}${downspeedgraph enp3s5 40,112 6699cc 0066cc}${alignr}${color darkgrey}${upspeedgraph enp3s5 40,112 6699cc 0066cc}

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